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This is a True short story.

Told exactly as it occurred.

S1E1 A Deal with God

Introduction to Romans. Martin Luther wrote, “The epistle to the Romans is the true masterpiece of the New Testament and the very purist gospel. It can never be too much or too well read or studied, and the more it is handled the more precious it becomes, and the better it tastes.” Read how Luther praises Romans and why you should too.

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S2E2 Grace to You

Romans 1:1-7. Some people of power like to brag about accomplishments. Not the apostle Paul. He traded bragging for boasting about the Gospel. In this episode, Dr. Michael Wright explains how Paul was changed and sought to give blessings of grace and peace to people living in a dangerous city and precarious circumstances.

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S2E3 Authentic Faith

Romans 1:8-15. Living as a Christian in Rome in the first century was not easy. Emperor worship was mandatory. That was a problem. God said, “There will be no other God’s before me.” Thus, Christians faced death. In the lesson, Dr. Wright explains how believers in the twenty-first century can learn much from those who lived in the first.

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S2E4 Unanswered Prayer

Romans 1:8-15. It is possible to pray for something that glorifies God and yet is not in God's plan. Dr. Wright explains how God hears our prayers, but has the right to answer our prayers in whatever way he chooses. Take a look at Paul’s request and consider how great a prayer it was, and yet God did something that was even better.

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